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Internal Cantilever Hardware
Bracket – Fits 4” round or square posts depending on which bolts you use (U bolts sold separately).  It is made from 3/8” thick galvanized steel. Rounded corners help prevent chain link fabric from catching on the bracket. Slotted truck assembly mounting hole allows for tuck alignment.

Universal Close Clearance Guide
made from 5/16" steel with reinforcing ridges for heavy duty performance. The close clearance guide design permits as little as 3 1/4" clearance from the round post to the first roller face with as much as 7 1/2" adjustment between the rollers making it suitable for virtually all OEM and repair applications. Available with 2" tall roller or 3 3/4" tall rollers with ASTM required covers included. Universal design works for 4" round or 4" square posts (U bolts sold separately).

STD -Guide –  is made from 1/2" galvanized steel with our 3 3/4" tall roller. Slotted design permits up 0 to 6-1/2" adjustment between the rollers to handle a variety of gate designs. Both brackets fit 4” round or square posts depending on which bolts you use (U bolts sold separately).

Rollers – 3" diameter polymer rollers are use two sealed bearings (right) for long life vs. other that use roller bearings. 
Roller Covers – Covers are UV stabilized for long life and are included at no extra charge and comply with the requirements of ASTM 2200.

Accura EXCLUSIVE ASTM Nesting Latch  - Heavy duty latchASTM compliant receiver is adjustable laterally from the face of the post to the center of the receiver from 4" to 8 1/2" for easy installation. The end of the receiver is approximately even with the post and recessed behind the mounting bolts in compliance with ASTM 2200 for automated gates.

Nesting Latch - Heavy duty latch is adjustable laterally from the face of the post to the center of the receiver from 3" to 8 1/2" for easy installation. The end of the receiver extends just 2 1/4" out from the post. We like it because it comes with both 4" round and 2 7/8" round U bolts or can be used with square posts by using a square U bolt (not included).

One last reason we selected the Accura line for our site is the manufacturer's transparency in offering detailed specifications and drawings:

Truck and Bracket
 2" tall close clearance guide roller (also available in 4" tall rollers)
ASTM Nesting Latch
Nesting Latch

NEW - Accura Internal Truck Assemblies 
 Accura truck assemblies address new styles of electric operators and incorporate design elements that reflects real world installations which is why we've chosen it for our site.

Real world design considerations. Gates sway as they are moving...their design gets it.

Rollers – Four 2.05" diameter (52mm) permanently lubricated sealed bearings are maintenance free. Rollers are individually rated at 2730# dynamic load. While the bearings are pressed on to the body they also get a stainless snap ring as a second layer of security from working loose and damaging expensive aluminum gate tracks.

Guide Wheels – Two 2.13" diameter (54.1mm) steel rollers incorporating Accura's exclusive sealed bearing design. Bearings with a load rating ≈50% greater than some competing (and similar in appearance) rollers are pressed into the guide wheel.
Captured bearing mount
The inner race is bolted (captured) in place then pinned to prevent loosening in use. Since the stainless steel pin is supported both above and below the guide the structure is much stronger...critical in addressing the swaying motion. 

Center Axle – 304 Stainless with stainless snap rings.

Body– High strength ZAMAK #3 Zinc-Aluminum Alloy per ASTM 4G-04A. We have reviewed copycat truck assemblies that make a similar looking truck out of an aluminum casting.

Mounting Bolt– Fine thread stainless steel 5/8" bolt with rod end bearing with locking nuts. Why fine-thread? Think of fine thread like low gear in that it will tighten with more force to prevent slipping. Competing trucks we reviewed use a coarse thread likely because they use a less expensive hot dipped galvanized bolt which would be difficult to coat a fine thread surface and have the nuts turn properly.

Static load rating of 6800#. Using a rod end bearing rather than simply a fixed axle connection insures that the truck assembly tracks freely by accommodating the swaying motion rather than fighting it.

Load Rating – 2000# reaction load rating on the truck assembly.

– Five (5) Year Limited Truck Assembly Warranty. See manufacturer's warranty for details.

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