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External Cantilever Roller Details

Accura Precision square frame gate rollers now feature exclusive 
Patent Pending ProAction™ Technology.
Tapered sidewalls significantly reduce the drag and friction common on ordinary square frame gate rollers. While square frame gates are not as popular as round (yet) it is this kind of advantages that lead us to place our confidence in the Accura line as our recommendation for performance and value.
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Commented on ProAction ...we ran a test on one of the gates( 20ft Opening and 6ft high) and operated the unit  Open / Close 1678 non-stop within a 60 hour period to test the performance of another component and the Rollers operated perfectly and showed no sign of wear... Access Control Professional Australia

Accura ProAction Technology
tapered sidewall design reduces drag making square frame gate rails a great option for not only ornamental but for chain link gate designs as well.
Watch manufacturer's Video PPT below to learn more.


– 2 3/8” (2 1/2") round or 2" Square graphite impregnated nylon roller is UV stabilized and a full 7" in diameter. The precision machined low friction surface helps extend the life of the gate coating. The high density of the nylon roller allows gates to roll with minimum effort. A perfect match for automated gates to extend the life expectancy of expensive gate operators. 

Some others use smaller diameter rollers that don't roll as freely. A 6" diameter rollers uses as much as 26% LESS material to manufacture. Less dense materials that can lead to flat spots, or failing to turn the roller leaves seams from the molding process. All of these shortcuts cause excessive wear and tear on the system. The image shows a scaled comparison
While the larger diameter roller needs to sit a little higher off of the ground it impacts the load...think of a semi truck's tires vs. a compact pick up.

Brackets – Accura nylon roller brackets are specific to the size and shape of the post (with two exceptions). Given the 4000 lb reaction load these are engineered for we feel this is an important difference vs. "universal" fit hardware with slots for multiple diameter U bolts. 

The heavy duty design is made from 5/16” (8mm) thick galvanized steel rather than cast aluminum foSteel Bracketr long term performance. Cast aluminum and iron brackets have been known to crack when tightening the U bolts.

Rather than the single thin vertical gusset on most rollers Accura uses a heavy 3 way gusset for superior strength. When tightening the U bolts the horizontal gussets prevent flexing (and fatigue) of the bracket which can lead to slipping on the post.

The axle housing is 1/2” thick steel and penetrates the base. In testing the cast aluminum axle housing was the first point of failure on a leading brand. U bolts, nuts, washers included. The 1/2" set screw includes a locking nut.

Axle – 1-1/8” (28mm) machined steel axle is galvanized for long life. Stainless steel snap rings on both sides securely retain the wheel. Machined set screw section in the axle allows for fine tuned roller alignment.

Nylon Dust Covers – protect the bearings on each side of the wheel.

ASTM Nesting Latch an Accura EXCLUSIVE 
Heavy duty latch is adjustable laterally from the face of the post to the center of the receiver from 4" to 8 1/2" for easy installation. The end of the receiver is approximately even with the post and recessed behind the mounting bolts in compliance with ASTM 2200 for automated gates.

Standard Nesting Latch - Heavy duty latch is adjustable laterally from the face of the post to the center of the receiver from 3" to 8 1/2" for easy installation. The end of the receiver extends just 2 1/4" out from the post and is perfect for manually operated gates. The standard latch comes with mounting bolts for either 4" round or 2 7/8" round posts. It can also be used with square posts by using a square U bolt (not included).

We also like the fact that the manufacturer publishes good details to help plan your project the following are links to the shop drawings on their site:
Shop Drawings Round Roller
Shop Drawings ProAction Square Roller
Shop Drawings ASTM Nesting Latch
Shop Drawings Nesting Latch

Sealed Bearings

Bearings – two 62/28 RS -  rubber sealed bearings are pressed into both sides of the roller.

Load Rating – 4000# reaction load.

Warranty – Five (5) Year Limited Warranty. 
Request manufacturer's warranty certificate for details.

– Pre-installed covers are included with every roller saving installation time and insuring that you always have them when you need them. UV stabilized black plastic covers are vented to allow moisture to drain so they work on either the top or bottom roller. Unlike some these covers are firmly held in position byCover and gate stop the gusset, the set bolt and the axle end to prevent it from turning or sagging and dragging on the gate frame. 

Cover Guards - Heavy 1/4" (6.3mm) steel strike plates protects the roller covers during opening or closing. This is especially important on manually operated gates. Since the gate rolls so freely the weight of a heavy gate hitting the stop is transferred to the post rather than the cover or roller. Two are included in every kit as well as there ASTM protective panel bracket.
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